Another Halloween…one of my favorite holidays! I’ve been reading some of the blog stories and poems written for Susanna Leonard Hill’s 6th annual Halloweensie Writing contest. Incredible work! So many talented writers out there. I did try. It’s not easy to write a story in 100 words or less, but I did try! It’s my first year, so I’m learning.

If you can find the time…go to her site and read some of the entries!

A Horribly, Hauntingly Fun Halloween Party

Griffin Ghost glided swiftly, hanging balloons and streamers from the

rafters of the abandoned barn. The spinster Spider Spilloni finished spinning

“HAPPY HALLOWEEN” in her web as the guests arrived; Wilma Witch, her

wacky, warlock brother Warren, the dreamy, devilish Dennis D. Dracula,

Frank N. Stein, the famous, Priscilla Punkin and her boyfriend, Peter.

They danced under a full blue moon, munched on candied toad legs,

slimy joes, bat cider, and smores, bobbed for frogs and played pin the

scales on the dragon.

Morris Monster won the costume contest for dressing like his “Mummy.”

Griffin’s  party was a screaming success!