As a writer, sitting at the computer (as old as I am, I almost said typewriter!) staring at the keyboard isn’t what you want to happen. I love those times when something inspires me to write non-stop until I am exhausted. Those times are rare!

So, here I am…staring at the keyboard, writing whatever comes to mind, trying to find my voice amid the many ramblings of the multitude of other simultaneous thoughts I’m currently having. It’s a job sorting through the rubble…and NO, I am not a full blown hoarder by the way. I guess I would call myself a “border hoarder.” That realization alone should concern me!!

If I had to make sense of it all today, I would just use the word…organization!

I’m working toward organizing my studio, my multitudes of papers ranging from tiny pieces of torn paper to passionate non-stop ideas that go on for pages, files I started to keep to get organized, sketches, photos, notes I’ve written to myself about other notes, and drawing and painting materials. It’s always a bonus adventure when I find that little treasure I had lost long ago…I mean, how did I ever live without my collection of fuzzy pens?

Happy Halloween!